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Within a project of FiPP e.V. called „Ich bin ein Berliner“ the qualification concept „Practical Learning in City Tourism“ has been developed. Linking the acquirement of vocational key skills to cross-cultural learning, this innovative educational concept has been developed especially for students.

The concept is realized in project courses which are implemented into the regular subject based courses. In doing so the young people acquire human, technical and vocational skills requested both in city tourism and professional careers in general.

In co-operation wit FIPP e.V., we - the city guides of Wir sind Berlin gUG - will continue to contribute to such projects by sharing our experiences in the development and acquisition of city tours.

One of the distinctive features of the project „Practical Learning in City Tourism“ is that in the learning process byproducts are created which are of use for the Berlin visitor: namely city tours with a huge amount of information on interesting Berlin sites. 

School project “Jewish cemetery” at the Heinz-Brandt-Oberschule

At the Heinz-Brandt-School in Berlin-Weißensee a fascinating project has been realised. In co-operation with Wir sind Berlin, the independent organisation FIPP e.V. ,and the project “Ich bin ein Berliner” a very special city tour has been realized:

“Overgrown and forgotten?”

Pupils of grade 9 and 10 offer Berlin visitors a guided tour over Europe’s biggest Jewish cemetery!

Pupils of grade 9 and 10 offer Berlin visitors a guided tour over Europe’s biggest Jewish cemetery!

Content and procedure
The pupils of the Heinz-Brandt-School introduce their guests to well-known Berlin celebrities who are buried on the Jewish cemetery in Berlin-Weißensee. In doing so, questions touching culture and religion shall be answered.

At the beginning of the tour, the participants have the possibility to get to know each other in a youth club close to the Jewish cemetery. Subsequent to the tour there is the possibility to take lunch together.

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