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Wir sind Berlin gUG has emerged in 2009 from the European Social Fund (ESF)-aided project FiPP e.V. (Fortbildungsinstitut für die pädagogische Praxis) and operates today as a nonprofit organization.

The principal goal of Wir sind Berlin gUG is to promote the education, culture and tolerance of young people by providing activities and jobs in the multicultural city Berlin.

This goal is realized by the following activities:
1) educational events to prepare young people for their everyday working life and to provide experiences in the occupational field of tourism
2) development and organization of city tours, thus encouraging the encounter with children and young people from different geographical, cultural and social backgrounds
3) co-operation and project work with schools, offering classes based on practical experience and developed especially for socially disadvantaged young people or pupils with learning disability

We use the touristic potential and resources of Berlin as an area of practice for young people. They have the opportunity to qualify themselves as tour guides in special courses and to offer their own tours in cooperation with Wir sind Berlin gUG. Young people take a critical look at the history of the city they live in and look into the field of tourism as a steeply rising branch of the economy and a possible vocational area. They form their own views upon Wir sind Berlin gUG's already existing tours and, by working as a tour guide themselves, learn valuable key skills like communication, self-presentation and entrepreneurial thinking.

The enterprise is organized by students, trainees and young adults who work themselves as tour guides. Our tours are developed together with children, young adults, social pedagogues and experts in tourism.

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