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FOCUS ONLINE / 04.06.2011

City tours in a very unconventional way

by bf/dapd

be Berlin - the campaign of the metropolis


Since 10.02.2011 we are the official ambassador of Berlin.
Read the story: be young, be guide, be berlin.

be young, be guide, be berlin

Since more than a year I’m the managing director of Wir sind Berlin, a non-profit company for guided tours. Wir sind Berlin gUG offers city tours through Berlin for children and adolescents guided by young people. The company has evolved from the social project “Ich bin ein Berliner” by FIPP e.V.. I have discovered this project seven years ago and immediately became fond of it. In 2003, after studies in tourism, I returned from Baden-Württemberg back to Berlin. Up to the start of the new semester I looked for further education or a small job. When I read in the Berlin papers about the project “Ich bin ein Berliner”, I was enthused by the idea to take part in a tour guide training course for young people. By this means, I had the opportunity to become closer acquainted with “my city”, to educate myself and, in addition, to earn some money. I thought the idea that adolescents offer guided tours for adolescents simply brilliant. In this way, the history of the city and its multiple universes are presented in a lively and youth related manner. Young people simply have a better understanding for their own age group, share similar interests, approach Berlin in a different way, and use an easy-going language. In the beginning I worked as a tour guide. After a temporary stay in Spain I have been asked to support the office and, naturally, I was rather pleased about the offer. When the social project ran out, it was clear for the team of “Ich bin ein Berliner” that the city tour guide agency simply had to be kept up.   After many considerations and the development of a business plan, we went into business ourself. A befitting name was swiftly found. “Ich bin ein Berliner” became “Wir sind Berlin gUG – young people, education, city tourism”, the young city tour guide office with an educational mission. I have been asked to take over the management. Of course my answer was in the affirmative! My scope of duties is very varied. As the managing director I am responsible for the corporation. It’s my task to take care that we are able to pay our bills, that we fulfill our intended purpose and that we successfully establish ourselves within the Berlin tourism market. Thanks to the long-standing experiences and co-operations of “Ich bin ein Berliner” we were able to build up a solid customer base. We work together with commercial organizers of school trips and the German Association of Youth Hostels. In addition, there are schools and groups who book us every year. At present, we are working on an advertising concept for schools. Our tour guide Ema – she still goes to school – has suggested to build up a working group “Advertisement and Public Relations”. I think that’s a great idea! Wir sind Berlin wants to give young people the chance to gain professional experiences. Our tours are to contribute to an active examination and understanding of our city. We highly welcome every kind of support. In Berlin, there is an immense competition. Keep your fingers crossed, so that we will continue to thrive and prosper!

Radio feature by Fritz / 08.09.2010

Logo Radio FritzOur thanks to Radio Fritz for their radio feature focusing on our guided tour along the Wall. Just check it out!


Mister X and the Wall

by Susanne Thams / 31.07.2010

Teenager rev tourists

by Andreas Voigt

TAZ BERLIN / 10. Januar 2007

To see what is not to be seen yet
by Waltraud Schwab

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