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Tour guide  training courses

Young people travel a lot, often they go abroad for a rather long period of time, do  voluntary service or an apprenticeship, or study in a foreign city. Therefore, we are constantly on the look-out for young blood for our guided tours!

Our tour guide training courses are held once a year. The participants should be between 14 and 23 years old. Those who have successfully completed a training course, have the opportunity to work for Wir sind Berlin gUG as a Berlin city tour guide and develop their own tours.


In the tour guide courses, the adolescents learn about significant historical, architectural and cultural aspects of Berlin. The participants are directly on site in the city and take a critical look at the local tourism. In this learning process, the young participants are encouraged to reflect on their personal situation and  their life in reference to Berlin, i.e. the city they live in. They are encouraged to deal open-mindedly with new places, people and situations and develop an outgoing straightforwardness.

In the activity of being a guide for children and teenagers the adolescents acquire essential skills and knowledge. They learn to present themselves and to speak in front of groups. They also learn how to deal with children and groups of teenagers in a responsible way and how to provide first aid if necessary. By working as a tour guide, professional key skills which are particularly helpful in the services sector such as communication, eloquence, customer focus, flexibility, commitment and organization are strengthened.

This year's tour guide training courses have taken place around Easter 2011.
The next course will take place in 2012. The exact date is yet to be announced. If interested, please send an email to our office.

Contact: Bettina Bluhm

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Practical training in city tourism

Young people have the opportunity to complete a period of practical training in the office of Wir sind Berlin gUG during the holidays. In doing so, we offer interested young people a kind of professional orientation and preparation, which will be helpful in their later applications for an apprenticeship or a job.


  •      Participation in the general office procedures
  •      Booking and billing of city tours
  •      Development and updating of city tours
  •      Advertising

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